Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Honeymoon Trip to Bandung

A lot of people asked why we chose Bandung instead of Bali for honeymoon. Even the Bandung man himself. Well, Bali is so commercialized and next time I go to oceans, I want to dive. So we booked the package even before our solemnization date was confirmed.

We stayed at Arion Swiss Bel-hotel which is so wonderful. The staff are all very friendly and the room was okay and I think it was a wise choice. They even send us a fruit basket as our honeymoon gift. Even me forgot that I've mention that we are on honeymoon when I was booking.

In front of our boutique hotel

Lucky we have a supir (driver) who was good. He was very reliable and can be understood well. He knew where to go and suggested a beautiful restaurant which has the hillside overlooking Bandung city. He took us before sunset to experience the moment. Unfortunately we missed it as the day was cloudy. Anyway, the view was fantastic and the food was not bad. It was so cool and it was perfect setting for couple on honeymoon. 10 points for Irfan.

The so romantic restaurant -Sierra Cafe at Dago Paka

The shopping at Bandung is very bad for shopaholic coz it will make you go mad with shopping. There's a lot of factory outlet and there are all very very cheap. According to people all the items are original but maybe it has some defect that the factory send to the outlets. Can you imagine Louis Vuitton handbag at around RM200 only! I was going to buy it but at the end I bought LeSportSac instead coz I wanted it for so long. The LeSportSac that I saw in Malaysia was about RM200 but there I got it for RM70 only. I don't know what's the defect coz in my rough eyes, I can't find it. And I bought a lot of clothes. My regret was not buying more office shirts. I bought one only. Boleh tak. Irfan has brought us to very good FOs like Happening, Neutral. I also prefer Cascade and Heritage. Contrast to popular advices, Rumah Mode is happening but I didn't find anything I like there.

The happening Rumah Mode. Oh, that's not shopping bag from Rumah Mode.

The next day we went to Mount Tangkuban Perahu. We love the place but hate the people there. We were cheated big time. We spend almost RM300 at that place only after being cheated by these so called pity-us-we-are-just-farmers-trying-selling-something-to-support-our-family things. Irfan has warned us not to follow them but instead they were following us like vultures.

Anyway, at this place, this was the closest I've been to volcano crates. The smell was unbearable as it was smell of sulfur from the volcano. The last time the volcano erupted was in 1969 which was not long enough in my opinion. Takut jugak tetiba hari tu dier nak buat hal.

At Kawah Ratu. The biggest crate. Bahawa betul berdiri kat tepi tu...
On the way downhill of the Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Jauh okay...
Behind us is the 130C water from ground. Panas dan bau busuk plak tu..

We covered with mud that supposed to be good with the vultures being supergood to us before start selling overpriced items to us. The water at that area was around 20-30C only. Okay la... boleh celup kaki & tangan.

Oh, 1 thing in Bandung was that it has many J.Co outlet. Strangely that was the first time we ate J.Co donuts after the 1st attempt to eat it at Sunway Pyramid was failed after seeing long queues. There, it has not even has a queues. And I just found out that J.Co is an Indonesia product. No wonder Irfan was not impressed when we jakunly told him about J.Co.

The food at Bandung was quite cheap and not hard to find as it's population is majority Islam. Mosque is everywhere. You have to choose what to eat: Padang or Sundanese.

Of yes, there's another place that you should go, Pasar Baru. It's where you want to buy the traditional things in bandung - telekung, kebaya and lace. It's so cheap. I can imagine if I went with my mom. But this time I'm with a man, so the situation was different la. Oh, we were looking for cheap invitation cards for our reception when Irfan volunteer that he has a friend that do the printing job. He even gave us samples of cards to take home to choose from. It's beautiful and quite cheap. anybody interested, please call me. =)

The conclusion: the trip was great. It would be better if we can come back at later flight instead of morning flight on the 3rd day. Tak puas la... Next time I want to go again (especially when I want to change the whole wardrobe)


Bestari Negeri Sarawak said...

boleh bagitahu tak kat mana u jumpa handbeg louis vuitton tu? kat rumah mode ke?

Bang Aswi said...

Selamat datang di Kota Bandung. Semoga selama di sini, mendapatkan pengalaman yang berharga. Salam dari Bandung. Kalau ke sini, jangan sungkan untuk menghubungi saya. Insya Allah siap menemani berkeliling Kota Bandung ^_^

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